Like most foreign outstanding universities, Chu Kochen Honors College takes full advantage of the high-quality academic resources of Zhejiang University. Its faculty consists of discipline leaders, academicians, Yangtze scholars, scholars awarded by government funds, doctoral supervisors, “10 most popular teachers of Zhejiang University”, “educating pacesetters” and other knowledgeable, active-minded experienced and passionate teachers of Zhejiang University. Meanwhile, it invites well-known professors at home and abroad to deliver lectures. Through strict evaluations on teaching ability and teaching effectiveness, Chu Kochen Honors College aims to build a unique faculty team and to establish high reputation worldwide.

 Honor Course Teacher
    Our college absorb many educational philosophies from well-known honored college abroad, take full use of college¨s quality resources, use the specialty of every teacher that from different academies, selecting and employing leaders of every academies, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yangtze scholars, Government Fund Awards Scholars, State "Thousands people Plan" experts, National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation Award winners, National Teaching Masters, tutors of a Ph.D. student, "The top Ten teacher in Zhejiang University in students¨ minds", "Cultivation model" and other teachers who are acknowledged with much knowledge, experience, and passion, to undertake the task of teaching; at meantime, we employ many well-known professors abroad in order to teach all the students, all of these have led our structure in teaching more specific, and advertise ourselves to the world. Simultaneously, our school have a professional tutors team which made by academician, Yangtze scholars and many other tutors of a Ph.D. student.

The First Honored Courses Teacher

Duan Zhiwen: Professor                 Zhang Jichang: Associate Professor   

Zhao Hui: Instructor                    Bao Limin: Professor

Zhang Xuefu: Professor                 Wang Liping: Associate Professor

Liao Kebin: Professor                   Tao Ran: Associate Professor

Huang Huaxin: Professor                Jin Li: Associate Professor

Hu Longbiao: Associate Professor        Shen Jian: Professor

Ji Xiangxiang: Professor                Lv Yimin: Professor

He Lianzhen: Professor                 Jiang Jingyang: Professor

Zhou Xing: Professor                   Xiong Haihong: Associate Professor

Fang Fumin: Instructor                 Lin Zhengyan: Professor

Su Zhonggen: Professor                Zhang Lixin: Professor

Li Shenghong: Professor                Zhang Zhenyue: Professor

Ruan Huojun: Associate Professor       Su Dekuang: Professor

Lu Xingjiang: Associate Professor      Jing Rongrong: Associate Professor

Lu Diming: Professor                   Huang Zhaozhen: Associate Professor

Yang Qifan: Professor                  Tan Zhiyi: Professor

Liu Kangsheng: Professor               Xu Duanjun: Professor

Fang Wenjun: Professor                Nie Jingjing: Associate Professor

Bao Shining: Professor                 Pan Zhengquan: Associate Professor

Fang Minghu: Professor                Wu Min: Professor

Tand Jianjun: Professor                Lu Guodong: Professor

Shi Yueding: Professor                 Pan Yihe: Professor

The Best Teacher In CKC

School year 06-07

Bao Limin( professor) Philosophy in China and Western Countries

Feng Gang( professor) Sociology

Jin Xiaogang( associate professor) Computer Science and Engeneering in Computer Science and Technology Academy

Huang Zhaozhen( associate professor) linear algebra

Huang Boqin( associate professor) department of mathematics

School year 07-08

Jiang Yuexiang( professor) econometrics

Chen Jinhui( associate professor) mathematical analysis

Wu Jian( professor) The City College of ZJU

Zhou Shenchun( professor) department of economic in economic institution

Lauren( foreign tearcher

School year 08-09

Shi Yueding( professor) engineering graphics

Yu Jianxing ( professor) government management in public administration

Tan Zhiyi( associate professor) Operational Research

Tong Mei( associate professor) circuitous philosophy

Sean cain ( foreign teacher)

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